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Marriage of convenience and sentimental swindle. 



1 Marriage of convenience or white wedding in France 

2 The immigration by sentimental swindle. 

3 Testimonies.

4 To obtain "green card" with marriage

5 In the other countries.




The marriage of convenience or white wedding in France.

A marriage of convenience or a marriage of accommodation is a marriage contracted without the intention of couple both to live as husband and wife.

This practice is notably used by immigrants who marry a person of the country in which they wish to immigrate, with their agreement, generally for money, this act allowing them to obtain papers, rights to live in the country, accommodation, housing etc.

Marriages of convenience can also take place in the same country, for professional reasons. For example, it is easier to obtain a post in South of France when we are married with somebody who lives there.

The marriage of accommodation is an offence punished by the law. If it is denounced or discovered before the marriage, the mayor can refuse to celebrate it and to seize the public prosecutor to make an inquiry.

After the marriage, If it is denounced by testimony, this marriage can be cancelled, the spouse will meet himself in irregular situation, with the usual consequences, and both will risk a heavy fine. 

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Sentimental swindle


We speak about sentimental swindle, when one of the partners seduces the other one to drive him for marriage, without loving him really and in the only intention to obtain a right to live in her(his) country . It will be what we call a grey marriage. 

Usually, the behaviour of the swindler change completely as soon as he has obtained a "green-card": from tenderly thoughtful, he become indifferent and infidel... and, sometimes really noughty.

There are some possibilities to obtain the cancellation of these marriage on behalf of the deceived spouse: Victims should report the scam to the authorities... The foreign spouse has been in an irregular situation, with the usual consequences, and will risk a heavy penalty. 

The marriage does not constitute the only network of immigration by "family link"; an increasing number of French women - any previous history are victims of foreigners organizing the paternity as the operating mode of regularization. Having had a child with a man whose illegal worker's real situation they ignored, the mothers realize after the birth of the child that this last one was wanted and recognized by the father only by purposes of personal regularization and to avoid the eviction. 

What is "Bezness"? The term "Bezness" originates from the English word "business", and generally refers to profit-oriented activities of locals to tourists with the sole aim of creating advantages for one self. In a narrower sense, the term is used for the pretention of love feelings toward women with the sole objective of gaining financial or material benefits or a residence permit in a western country, preferably Europe. It is, in this sense, very much similar to terms like "marriage fraud" or "scam".

See below some testimonies .

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In a purpose of information and prevention, a book warns against those sentimental swindles which multiply, and call up to a change to put an end to it. The facts, all the facts, are exposed without demonization neither angelism, without caricatural generalization nor stigmatization.

Marie-Annick Delaunay is President of the association "Non aux mariages et paternités de papiers", created on July 5th, 2004.


The marriages of love and reason - between persons of different nationality explain the main part of the increase of the regular migratory streams in France. These marriages were multiplied by eight between 1997 and 2005; they progressed faster than the marriages between two French people and the part of those who were celebrated abroad became so important as those celebrated in France.

 The increase of the number of sincere marriages of love and reason is not enough to explain such an explosion. Some foreigners are tried to divert the marital institution of its reason for being by contracting a marriage with a French spouse in the only purpose to get rights to stay or naturalization. 

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I am 28. I am married for 4 years and mom of a 2-year-old girl. I am very unfortunate because I live almost alone. I sleep alone. I go out alone. I go shopping alone, I speak alone ,I look at  TV and.. I eat alone. In brief I does nothing with my husband but it come not from me, but from him.. When he wants to go out Sunday or the other days, he goes out alone or with his daughter and when I suggest  accompanying him he does not want. I never have the right to go out with him. He never speaks with me about . When I does a reflextion if he returns late he offends me, then do not speak to me any more . I have no right to go on his workroom. In brief I do not know any more what to make . The problem it is that I never have been happy: I grew in an algerian family with 2 big brothers which beat me. My parents  beat me. I have married to run away and I am to fall on worse or almost. It sometimes or I would like finish my life.  I do not support my daughter any more. 

I work all the journee and when I return at the evening, I have no strength to go out and I sleep alone. My husband left for week-end and I does not know or nor with whom. In brief I have tried to phone him, but he was on messaging. Today I have to teared quite the photos of our marriage and That relieved me... I have no courage to divorce because people around me are well to have a good laugh. Because my fault did not want that I get married to him because it was one without papers and me, I made him to have residence papers. My family said to me later when he will have his papers, you will see. But it meme time I wanted to flee my family, thus I had no others alternative than to marry me. And today I want it died and nevertheless I have made nothing for merit that. To go to see my mother, I have no  envy to go to see her, because she does not include me, and I have a grudge against her for what is to pass when I was still at home, even if she asked me for forgiveness. 

That think of it you please relay me...

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To emigrate by marriage ( the pack WEDDINGS):

""It is the surest solution and least expensive, that you are Senegalese man or woman, to fly to Europe.

""Senegal receives each year a number increasingly more significant of "old bitch" whose naivety is filth. An immense part of these "old bitch" have selected for to-eat- their-life- of-woman- in-all-freedom.

""But they realized with 45 old that their tits have, for a long time, made the trunk and that they are not sexy for most people in Europe. To impress the girlfriends of their office while having a possibility of not finishing their poor life of "old bitch" all alone they could consider an alliance with a young Senegalese with a completely favorably. >>> YOU THUS HAVE ALL YOUR CHANCES....

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